Conference Calls

The Biomass Monitor Conference Calls

We invite expert guest speakers to present on an aspect relevant to health, environmental, and economic aspects of biomass energy, and then open the call to questions and discussion.

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LIVE DEBATE: Wildfires and Biomass Energy 

Join The Biomass Monitor on Thursday, July 20 at 5 pm PT / 6 MT / 7 CT / 8 ET where we host a live debate on the intersection between biomass energy and wildfires in western forests.

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Photo: Aspen Ecology


Spring 2017DEBATE: Biomass Energy, Carbon Neutral or Not

middlebury biomass 150Physicist Hans Ohanion and Evan Dell’Olio, Director of External and Regulatory Affairs for Roberts Energy Renewables debate Middlebury College’s claim of achieving carbon neutrality through its biomass facility.



December 2016 – Cellulosic Biofuels, Food Security and Land Rights


Kelly Stone, Policy Analyst for ActionAid USA, discusses a new cellulosic biofuels paper along with concerns related to food security and land rights.




November 2016 – Native American Tribe’s Concern With Biomass Health Impacts


Jana Ganion, Energy Director for Blue Lake Rancheria shares her concerns about the health impacts from air pollution emissions from Blue Lake Power and biomass energy in general.




October 2016 – The Future of Biomass Energy in New England 


We speak with Evan Dell’Olio, Director of External and Regulatory Affairs for Roberts Energy Renewables, who has analyzed current trends to lay out his predictions for the future of biomass energy in New England.




September 2016 – An Overview of Aviation Biofuels 


We speak with Almuth Ernsting, co-director of Biofuelwatch, about the current forms of aviation biofuels and those likely to be used in the future.





August 2016 – Intro to Bioenergy 


We speak with Ken Starcher, co-author of the new book, Introduction to Bioenergy, which takes a close look at the procurement and generation of bioenergy, while examining environmental impacts.




July 2016 – Dead Trees, Living Forest


Chad Hanson, Director and Principal Ecologist of the John Muir Project of Earth Island Institute, explains the ecological importance of dead trees and the carbon emission implications of logging for bioenergy.




June 2016 – Is Biomass Energy Renewable?


Christopher D. Ahlers, adjunct professor at Vermont Law School,  presents on the findings of his law review article, Wood Burning, Biomass, Air Pollution, and Climate Change.





May 2016 – Heating the Northeast with Wood Pellets?


Janet Sinclair of Concerned Citizens of Franklin County talks about proposals to turn trees into wood pellets to heat the northeast.





April 2016 – The Ongoing Ethanol “Corntroversy”


Emily Cassidy, Research Analyst for the Environmental Working Group, discusses corn ethanol and other land-based biofuels.





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