Past Issues

Spring 2017 – Biomass Energy: Carbon Neutral or Not? (SUBSCRIPTION ONLY)



Study Assesses Economic Benefits of Biomass Energy on Rural Communities

Middlebury College Declares Carbon Neutrality, Thanks to Biomass

Middlebury Biomass Not Carbon Neutral 


December 2016 – Clearing the Air on Biomass Emissions 



Send The Biomass Monitor to Arizona

Biomass Facilities Play Important Role in Improving Air Quality

Biomass Facilities Can Worsen Air Pollution


November 2016 – Should We Log Burned Forests for Biomass Energy?



Forest Service Studies Soil Impacts of Bioenergy Logging

Forest Biomass Utilization Combatting Catastrophic Wildfires

The Disconnect Between Myth and Reality in the Rim Fire


October 2016 – Vermont A Trailblazer for Biomass Heat



The Future of Biomass Energy in Vermont 

Helping Low-Income Vermonters Heat With Wood

Montpelier, VT’s Biomass Heating Facility Nothing to Celebrate


September 2016 – Will Aviation Biofuels Get Off the Ground? 



Generating Controversy

Take Off for Aviation Biofuels: When, How, and Why?

The High-Flown Fantasy of Aviation Biofuels


August 2016 – Where Do Green Groups Stand on Bioenergy



Where Do Environmental Groups Stand on Bioenergy?

Massachusetts: A Clear Path Forward for Biomass Energy

Massachusetts: The Hoax of Biomass and Modern Forestry


July 2016 – Wildfire Debate Rages On



Bioenergy Industry Consultant Critiques Scientists

Wildfire: Thinning Forests for Biomass Can Reduce Fire Severity

Wildfire: Dead Trees Vital to Forests


June 2016 – The Renewability Question



Is Biomass Heating Safe for Schools? 

Renewability: Congress Confirms Biomass Energy is Renewable

Renewability: Biomass Energy Not Renewable


May 2016 – Wood Pellets on the Hot Seat

Pine pellets in flames- behind flames ara fire wood


Is Biomass Energy Renewable?

Wood Pellets: Modern Wood Heating Making Inroads Across Northeast

Wood Pellets: Don’t Cut and Burn Forests, Preserve as Carbon Sinks


April 2016 – Sanders and Clinton: Biomass Boosters or Busters?



Sanders and Clinton: Biomass Boosters or Busters?

Advanced Biofuels: Nothing’s Perfect But There’s A Lot of Good

Advanced Biofuels: The Vast Taxpayer Cost of Failed Biofuels


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